Propagandhi – Purina Hall of Fame (Best Punk Rock Songs 02/13)

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It took me quite a while to figure out the top 2 songs on my list of the 13 best Punk Rock songs. Propagandhi came in second with Purina Hall of Fame.

I’ve deliberately chosen to embed the above video, although it contains some cruel pictures. But because the song itself is all about the short and sad lives of many animals out there, I think it was a good choice.

In fact, the emotions I get from listening to the song are the main reason why Purina Hall of Fame is my number two and not Back to the Motor League* from the same album, Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes*. Back to the Motor League is a real killer song, too. But the – hard to listen to – intro of Purina Hall of Fame and the whispered words just before the solo give me chills every time.

If you are distracted by the amazing guitar work, just listen to this acoustic cover of the song. I can’t resist to sing along every time!

Propagandhi is one of my favourite Punk Rock bands of all time. Although on almost every album there are a few songs I really don’t like, the remaining songs always make up for it. Take Lotus Gait, for instance:

Or Supporting Caste – which also demonstrates their amazing live performances:

Propagandhi combine killer guitar riffs with great vocals. And on top of that they deliver important messages with their lyrics. That’s what makes them one of my all time favourite bands.

What do you think about number 2 on my list? What Propagandhi song is your favourite one?

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