Cease – Bad Religion (Best Punk Rock Songs 10/13)

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Today we enter the Top 10 of my favourite Punk Rock Songs. And it’s time for one of the most influential Punk Rock bands ever: Bad Religion. My number 10 is Cease from their 1996 album The Gray Race.

When I think of Bad Religion, I immediately think of Cease. I scrolled through their hundreds (!) of songs from the last 30 years, but I couldn’t find a song that better captures the band’s style and what I like most about their music: meaningful lyrics and a straight Punk Rock sound.

The song starts with the catchy guitar riff and kicks off with a melodic guitar solo. The first few bars of the verse are a bit slower and give room for the main vocals. But the rest of the verse is classic Bad Religion again: power chords in Punk Rock rhythm. Melodic background vocals support Greg Graffin on the way to the chorus. And the cycle repeats.

The song is very melodic and catchy. I recommend you also listen to its acoustic version. Great songs simply sound good regardless of which muscial style they are played in:

Bad Religion don’t stop the rocking even after over 30 years in the business and I like their newer material as well as the classic albums. They even seem to increase the speed with every new album. Listen to their newest album True North* to get an impression.

The Gray Race contains quite a few more classic Bad Religion songs like Punk Rock Song and A Walk (which I both played with my band when I was younger 😉 ). If you haven’t checked out the album yet, I would definitely recommend to do so!

What’s your favourite Bad Religion song? Did I pick the right one for my list?

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