Torches – Rise Against (Best Punk Rock Songs 08/13)

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Number 8 on my list of the Top 13 Punk Rock songs is Torches by Rise Against.

It was really hard to decide which Rise Against song is my favourite, but I’ve finally ended up with Torches. Its mix of fast Punk Rock riffs, catchy vocals and just the right amount of screaming really makes it stand out. It’s again the intro riff that instantly grabs my attention whenever I hear it. It makes me want to grab my guitar and play along! 🙂

According to Wikipedia (see Rise Against – Wikipedia), Rise Against already had two albums on position 1 in the German album charts. And Satellite* even gets played on major radio stations in Germany. But unlike other bands that give in to mainstream sound, Rise Against continue to provide solid Punk Rocks songs and don’t shy away from fast riffs and screaming.

Torches is from my favourite album Revolutions Per Minute*. It contains even more killer songs like Black Masks & Gasoline* or Blood-Red White & Blue*. And it’s completely free on Amazon Prime*! So go and listen to it now! 🙂

Revolutions Per Minute* was the first album by Rise Against, that I listened to, and it still ranks high on the list of my all-time favourite albums.

As Rise Against have definitely arrived in the mainstream market, you may already know a few others of their songs. Did I pick the right one for my list?

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