Alison’s Disease – Lagwagon (Best Punk Rock Songs 06/13)

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I took a short Christmas and New Year’s break, but here is number 6 on my list of the Top 13 Punk Rock songs: Alison’s Disease by Lagwagon.

Perhaps you already guessed this one, because I gave a hint in the article for position 9 (Always by Good Riddance). I’m sure many of you will disagree with me for choosing Alison’s Disease as my favourite song by Lagwagon. However, I couldn’t think of any other Lagwagon song that instantly grabs me like this one. Well, perhaps Dis’chords* would make the list.

I really like Alison’s Disease because it starts strong and gets even better later on. The diversified guitar play adds perfectly to the vocals and the guitar solo right after the first chorus really rocks. I also like the slower part in the second half and the ending of the song.

Joey Cape also did an acoustic version of the song for his second album together with Tony Sly (who also made it to this list, in fact, my favourite song by No Use For A Name gets revealed next week):

As I’ve mentioned before, Live Fat, Die Young* contains even more great songs. So go and listen to it! 🙂

Let’s Talk About Feelings* also contains many of my favourite Lagwagon songs. And like so many albums on this list before, it’s completely FREE on Amazon Prime*!

Do you agree with me or would you choose a different Lagwagon song for your list?

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