Always – Good Riddance (Best Punk Rock Songs 09/13)

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Number 9 on my list of the Top 13 Punk Rock songs is Always by one of the most influential bands of my youth: Good Riddance.

Good Riddance are known for their intense but short songs. Their newest album Peace In Our Time* from 2015 is only 27 minutes long (and it contains some really good songs, by the way!).

Always is my favourite song, because it is short, to the point, and really catchy. It starts with a powerful guitar riff and rocks all the way through to the end. The octaves in the chorus complete the band’s well known sound.

The song was first released on the Fat Wreck Chords sampler Live Fat, Die Young, that also contains song number 6 on my list. Perhaps you are able to guess which one it is!? 🙂

Good Riddance later re-released the song in 2010 on their compilation Capricorn One, to which you can listen for free, if you are on Amazon Prime:

What’s your favourite Good Riddance song? A few others come to mind: Last Believer* or A Credit To His Gender*.

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