The Decline – NOFX (Best Punk Rock Songs 03/13)

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We’re getting close to the end of my list of the 13 best Punk Rock songs. Number 4 on the list is my favourite song by NOFX. Actually, it’s more of a whole album squashed into one song: The Decline.

NOFX are one of the bands that brought me into Punk Rock. I think after Bad Religion, NOFX was the second punk band I ever listened to. And Linoleum* was one of the first songs I practiced with my band 21st Century Punkband. We played a cover version of it at every gig for many years.

However, when I had to choose my favourite NOFX song, I instantly thought of The Decline. This epic 18 minute song actually combines multiple songs into one. The diversified styles and melodies really keep you listening to the song. It starts with a slow intro but instantly kicks in after a short time with Fat Mike’s virtuosic bass riff and Eric Melvin screaming. The main part of the song – the chorus if you will – the trumpet part by El Hefe will definitely be stuck in your ear for some time.

There’s even an acoustic version of The Decline played by a whole orchestra:

The song contains so many great parts, it’s hard to choose which one I like best. The impressing bass riffs throughout the song, the guitar solos, the fast and slow parts – they all add to this great song. And – once again – it’s completely FREE on Amazon Prime*! Go listen to it!

If you don’t know the “classic” NOFX songs, go listen to Punk in Drublic*, too. Linoleum* is a part of almost any NOFX concert.

What’s your favourite song by NOFX? What part of The Decline do you like best?

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