Crush – Over It (Best Punk Rock Songs 11/13)

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It’s time to present number 11 on my list of the Top 13 Punk Rock Songs.

It’s Crush by the Californian band Over It.

The intro riff instantly grabs my attention. It’s so fast and powerful and builds up over time. When the drums kick in and the vocals start, I can’t help but think of how it would feel to play this song on stage. No wonder I had to learn how to play the riff myself. 😉

By the way, another riff I simply had to learn is the intro of Pulley‘s Blindfold*: Pulley – Blindfold.

But back to Crush: The fast verse leads up to the slower chorus. The melody of the vocals is really catchy and the chorus ends with a fast bridge and my favourite part – “and take up our arms like sitcom soldiers” – and leads back to the intro riff again. Just to prepare for the melodic guitar solo.

Although I don’t like the band’s newer material (more Rock, less Punk) as much, the 2002 album Timing is Everything* contains some more really good punk rock songs like Limiter* or Cross-Tolerance*. I would definitely recommend to check out the whole album.

What do you think about Crush? It kicks ass, doesn’t it? 😉

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