The King Is Dead – A Wilhelm Scream (Best Punk Rock Songs 03/13)

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We’re finally entering the top 3 of my list of the 13 best Punk Rock songs. The first one on the rostrum is The King Is Dead by A Wilhelm Scream.

It was very hard for me to decide which song should be number 1 on my list. And The King Is Dead was one of three songs to choose from. I looooove this song. However, I like the two remaining songs just a little bit more.

The King Is Dead really rocks. The melodic and virtuous guitar play lays the foundation. The long intro builds up suspension. The diversified riffs and vocals never get boring. Even after listing to the song for multiple times in a row. I always listen to The King Is Dead, if I need my fix of really great Punk Rock.

I’m also amazed by their live performances. They manage the difficult guitar parts really well and simply sound great on stage. Hear for yourself:

A Wilhelm Scream may well be one of my favourite Punk Rock bands of all time. When I went to see Rise Against at the Markthalle in Hamburg a few years ago, I really wanted to see A Wilhelm Scream (who were the supporting act). Their newer material really stands out, too. Take 2013’s Partycrasher*, for example. This album contains so many great songs it’s hard to describe. And – again – it’s FREE on Amazon Prime*! Go listen to it right now!

Did I choose number 3 on my list wisely? What do you think about A Wilhelm Scream?

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