Migrating an existing Scuttle database to SemanticScuttle

I’ve migrated my existing bookmark collection from Scuttle to SemanticScuttle. All it took was these three lines of SQL:

insert into semanticscuttle.sc_users (uId,username,password,uDatetime,uModified,name,email,homepage,uContent) (select * from scuttle.sc_users); insert into semanticscuttle.sc_bookmarks (bId,uId,bIp,bStatus,bDatetime,bModified,bTitle,bAddress,bDescription,bHash) (select * from scuttle.sc_bookmarks); insert into semanticscuttle.sc_bookmarks2tags (select * from scuttle.sc_tags);

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  1. Thanks for this – just what I needed to move across to semantic scuttle.

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