Softwareentwicklungskonferenz in Vechta

Es ist soweit: Die Tickets für die erste Softwareentwicklungskonferenz in Vechta sind ab sofort erhältlich!

Die Anzahl der Teilnehmer ist auf 50 begrenzt, also nichts wie los und anmelden! 🙂

Die SEROM (kurz für Softwareentwicklung im Raum Oldenburger Münsterland) zum Thema “Softwareentwicklung im Mittelstand” findet am 04.11.2016 um 13 Uhr im Fizz in Vechta statt. Der Eintrittspreis von 39 EUR enthält die komplette Verpflegung inkl. Abendessen. Die Inhalte der neun spannenden Vorträge kann man sich hier anschauen:

Wenn du Bekannte oder Kollegen hast, die vielleicht Interesse an einer Teilnahme haben, leite diese Info gerne weiter. Wir freuen uns über jeden Besucher!

The King Is Dead – A Wilhelm Scream (Best Punk Rock Songs 03/13)

We’re finally entering the top 3 of my list of the 13 best Punk Rock songs. The first one on the rostrum is The King Is Dead by A Wilhelm Scream.

It was very hard for me to decide which song should be number 1 on my list. And The King Is Dead was one of three songs to choose from. I looooove this song. However, I like the two remaining songs just a little bit more.

The King Is Dead really rocks. The melodic and virtuous guitar play lays the foundation. The long intro builds up suspension. The diversified riffs and vocals never get boring. Even after listing to the song for multiple times in a row. I always listen to The King Is Dead, if I need my fix of really great Punk Rock.

I’m also amazed by their live performances. They manage the difficult guitar parts really well and simply sound great on stage. Hear for yourself:

A Wilhelm Scream may well be one of my favourite Punk Rock bands of all time. When I went to see Rise Against at the Markthalle in Hamburg a few years ago, I really wanted to see A Wilhelm Scream (who were the supporting act). Their newer material really stands out, too. Take 2013’s Partycrasher*, for example. This album contains so many great songs it’s hard to describe. And – again – it’s FREE on Amazon Prime*! Go listen to it right now!

Did I choose number 3 on my list wisely? What do you think about A Wilhelm Scream?

TrueCrypt container not synchronizing with OwnCloud

To be extra secure while syncing data with OwnCloud, I put some confidential data into a TrueCrypt container. However, the container wasn’t synchronized by OwnCloud’s Windows client after I changed the data inside the container.

I quickly found out that the problem was TrueCrypt not updating the modification date of the container (which is a nice security feature of course). OwnCloud simply didn’t realize that the container had been changed. However, there’s a configuration switch that disables this feature:

Settings -> Preferences -> Preserve modification timestamp of file containers

TrueCrypt setting: Preserve modification timestamp of file containers

After unchecking the setting OwnCloud now syncs the TrueCrypt container just fine.

Can’t connect to other machines on remote LAN via OpenVPN after dist-upgrade to Debian Jessie

After I dist-upgraded my Debian Squeeze to Jessie, I couldn’t connect to any machine on the remote LAN anymore after connecting via OpenVPN. The VPN connection to the OpenVPN server on my Debian server was successful, but I couldn’t ping or access machines on the remote network.

I found the solution to my problem by chance while searching for another error I found in the OpenVPN server logfile:

Fri Jan 22 16:20:40 2016 us=402991 pc/ MULTI: bad source address from client [fe80::487c:a5ff:f332:3df7], packet dropped Fri Jan 22 16:20:44 2016 us=603301 pc/ UDPv4 WRITE [53] to [AF_INET] P_DATA_V1 kid=0 DATA len=52

While routinely checking the OpenVPN server configuration I noticed, that IP forwarding had been turned off. I don’t know how or why this happened during apt-get dist-upgrade, but after re-enabling it, I was able to connect to the remote machines instantly:

cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward # 0 echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward # 1


The Decline – NOFX (Best Punk Rock Songs 03/13)

We’re getting close to the end of my list of the 13 best Punk Rock songs. Number 4 on the list is my favourite song by NOFX. Actually, it’s more of a whole album squashed into one song: The Decline.

NOFX are one of the bands that brought me into Punk Rock. I think after Bad Religion, NOFX was the second punk band I ever listened to. And Linoleum* was one of the first songs I practiced with my band 21st Century Punkband. We played a cover version of it at every gig for many years.

However, when I had to choose my favourite NOFX song, I instantly thought of The Decline. This epic 18 minute song actually combines multiple songs into one. The diversified styles and melodies really keep you listening to the song. It starts with a slow intro but instantly kicks in after a short time with Fat Mike’s virtuosic bass riff and Eric Melvin screaming. The main part of the song – the chorus if you will – the trumpet part by El Hefe will definitely be stuck in your ear for some time.

There’s even an acoustic version of The Decline played by a whole orchestra:

The song contains so many great parts, it’s hard to choose which one I like best. The impressing bass riffs throughout the song, the guitar solos, the fast and slow parts – they all add to this great song. And – once again – it’s completely FREE on Amazon Prime*! Go listen to it!

If you don’t know the “classic” NOFX songs, go listen to Punk in Drublic*, too. Linoleum* is a part of almost any NOFX concert.

What’s your favourite song by NOFX? What part of The Decline do you like best?

VirtualBox not starting VMs anymore after apt-get dist-upgrade on Debian Squeeze (Segmentation Fault)

After a recent apt-get dist-upgrade from Debian Squeeze to Jessie, VirtualBox didn’t start my VMs anymore. I found this error in /var/log/syslog:

Jan 22 14:39:11 macke kernel: [1477940.229596] vboxdrv: ffffffffa0cb2020 VMMR0.r0 Jan 22 14:39:12 macke kernel: [1477940.316166] VBoxNetFlt: attached to 'vboxnet0' / 0a:00:27:00:00:00 Jan 22 14:39:12 macke kernel: [1477940.317887] device vboxnet0 entered promiscuous mode Jan 22 14:39:12 macke kernel: [1477940.694845] vboxdrv: ffffffffa070b020 VBoxDDR0.r0 Jan 22 14:39:12 macke kernel: [1477940.707820] vboxdrv: ffffffffa0481020 VBoxDD2R0.r0 Jan 22 14:39:12 macke kernel: [1477940.882702] EMT-1[28493]: segfault at 18 ip 00007f9b0e573213 sp 00007f9b406a0c40 error 4 in[7f9b0e503000+27b000] Jan 22 14:39:17 macke kernel: [1477945.930164] device vboxnet0 left promiscuous mode Jan 22 14:39:17 macke kernel: [1477945.947568] vboxnetflt: 0 out of 0 packets were not sent (directed to host)

As it turned out, the problem was a VirtualBox extension pack that didn’t match the version of my VirtualBox package. To clean this mess up, I did the following:

# find all installed VirtualBox packages dpkg -l | grep virtualbox # for each VirtualBox package -> remove it completely # in my case: virtualbox virtualbox-5.0 virtualbox-guest-utils virtualbox-guest-x11 virtualbox-qt apt-get purge PACKAGE # download the latest binary distribution of VirtualBox directly from Oracle wget # install the package dpkg -i virtualbox-5.0_5.0.14-105127~Debian~jessie_amd64.deb # check the current version of VirtualBox dpkg -l|grep virtualbox # ii virtualbox-5.0 5.0.14-105127~Debian~jessie amd64 Oracle VM VirtualBox vboxmanage --version # 5.0.14r105127 # download the correct extension pack for my installation wget # install the extension pack vboxmanage extpack install Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-5.0.14-105127.vbox-extpack # just to be sure: clean up the extension packs VBoxManage extpack cleanup # check the version of the installed extension pack VBoxManage list extpacks # Extension Packs: 1 # Pack no. 0: Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack # Version: 5.0.14 # Revision: 105127 # Edition: # Description: USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Host Controller, Host Webcam, VirtualBox RDP, PXE ROM, Disk Encryption. # VRDE Module: VBoxVRDP # Usable: true # Why unusable:

Now my VMs work like a charm again! 🙂


On The Outside – No Use For A Name (Best Punk Rock Songs 05/13)

This week we’re entering the Top 5 of my list of the best Punk Rock songs. As I’ve already mentioned last week, it’s a song by No Use For A Name: On The Outside.

What can I say about On The Outside? If you don’t know this song, go and listen to it. Tony Sly’s vocals and especially the duet parts give me goosebumps everytime: “Whatever we go through, my heart is stuck with you”.

I also really like how the song instantly kicks in after the spoken intro. No wonder, On The Outside is the only song on the tribute album to Tony Sly* (he died in 2012), that is covered by two different bands.

Tony Sly also did an acoustic version of On The Outside. Here’s a live video of him performing it together with Joey Cape. Tony himself mentions, that it probably is his best song.

Making Friends* also contains number 2 on the list of my favourite songs by No Use For A Name, that almost made this list: The Answer Is Still No*. And like almost all of the albums on this list before, it’s completely FREE on Amazon Prime*!

If you like the band and want to support Tony Sly’s family after his early death, go buy The Songs Of Tony Sly: A Tribute*. The revenues go into a fund for his daughters.

What’s your favourite song by No Use For A Name? Did I pick the right one for my list?

Alison’s Disease – Lagwagon (Best Punk Rock Songs 06/13)

I took a short Christmas and New Year’s break, but here is number 6 on my list of the Top 13 Punk Rock songs: Alison’s Disease by Lagwagon.

Perhaps you already guessed this one, because I gave a hint in the article for position 9 (Always by Good Riddance). I’m sure many of you will disagree with me for choosing Alison’s Disease as my favourite song by Lagwagon. However, I couldn’t think of any other Lagwagon song that instantly grabs me like this one. Well, perhaps Dis’chords* would make the list.

I really like Alison’s Disease because it starts strong and gets even better later on. The diversified guitar play adds perfectly to the vocals and the guitar solo right after the first chorus really rocks. I also like the slower part in the second half and the ending of the song.

Joey Cape also did an acoustic version of the song for his second album together with Tony Sly (who also made it to this list, in fact, my favourite song by No Use For A Name gets revealed next week):

As I’ve mentioned before, Live Fat, Die Young* contains even more great songs. So go and listen to it! 🙂

Let’s Talk About Feelings* also contains many of my favourite Lagwagon songs. And like so many albums on this list before, it’s completely FREE on Amazon Prime*!

Do you agree with me or would you choose a different Lagwagon song for your list?

How to open PDF files in Foxit Reader without exclusively blocking the files

I use Foxit Reader as my default PDF viewer for quite some time now. The only thing that bugged me, however, was its exclusive access to the opened PDF files. When working with LaTeX and using Foxit Reader for displaying the compiled PDF files, I had to close the PDF file manually everytime I wanted to recompile the document (which can be quite often).

Today, I found the solution to this problem: Foxit Reader is able to open PDF files without blocking them. With a simple command line argument you can enable this non-blocking mode:

/A nolock=1

For example, if you wanted to open


, you would call Foxit Reader like this:

FoxitReader.exe D:\mydocument.pdf /A nolock=1

Attention: For this to work, you need at least version 7 of Foxit Reader.

However, calling Foxit Reader manually like this can be pretty cumbersome. So I decided to make the non-blocking opening the system default. This turns out to be pretty easy. Just fire up


and add the above command line argument to the key


. Here’s a complete


file for this (you may need to change the path to Foxit Reader):

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\FoxitReader.Document\shell\open\command] @="\"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Foxit Software\\Foxit Reader\\FoxitReader.exe\" \"%1\" /A nolock=1"

Now I’m able to open PDF files directly from Explorer, PowerShell etc. without Foxit Reader blocking them. And Foxit Reader even automatically updates the file, if I change it while it’s open.

Divorce – Craig’s Brother (Best Punk Rock Songs 07/13)

Number 7 on my list of the Top 13 Punk Rock songs is Divorce by Craig’s Brother. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, there are unresolved issues with GEMA and YouTube. So here’s a live version of the band performing the song instead of the album version.

Although quite unknown, Craig’s Brother wrote a lot of really great punk rock songs, in my opinion. Divorce was the first one I listened to and I was instantly hooked. The melodic vocals and their diversified instrument parts add up to some really catchy songs.

I really like the 2001 version better than the “original” one from Keepin’ It Real. I think the newer version sounds more mature. But decide for yourself.

Lost At Sea* contains quite some more really good songs. In fact, it was hard for me to decide which song to choose for this list. Glory* ranked high on my list, too.

But Craig’s Brother also released a new album a while ago (The Insidious Lie*, 2011, which is completely FREE on Amazon Prime*, by the way) and they continue to rock! Take The Thousand Yard Stare*, for example. How can it get more melodic than this chorus?

Did you know Craig’s Brother, already? What’s your favourite song by the band?