Database is locked when committing to a Subversion repository

I added a new Subversion repository on our Debian webserver today and got the following error messages when committing to it:

[Wed Oct 10 ...] [error] [client ...] mod_dav_svn close_stream: error closing write stream  [500, #200029]
[Wed Oct 10 ...] [error] [client ...] Couldn't perform atomic initialization  [500, #200029]
[Wed Oct 10 ...] [error] [client ...] database is locked  [500, #200030]

Our repositories are hosted on a Windows fileserver and are mounted to the local Linux filesystem. In my case, the solution to the problem was to mount the Samba share using the parameters nolock,rw in /etc/fstab like this:

//fileserver/SVNRepository    /home/svn    smbfs    user=username,pass=secret,dom=MYDOM,uid=33,gid=33,nolock,rw    0    0

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