L4N (Log4Nat) – a logging framework for Natural (by Software AG)

Along with NatUnit (a unit testing framework) we released L4N (or Log4Nat, or Log4Natural ;-)) on SourceForge today: L4N on SourceForge.

L4N offers basic logging functionality for Natural (by Software AG), including:

  • user- and module-specific logging
  • different log levels (e.g. debug, info, error)
  • combinable logging facilities (e.g. work file, INPUT, WRITE, database)

Using the framework is easy, as the following code shows:
LOCAL USING L4NCONST /* some constants like log levels etc. LOCAL USING L4NPARAM /* the parameters (e.g. log text) for calling the actual logging ... * (optional) basic configuration of logging for the current module L4N-DEBUGUSER := 'macke' L4N-LOGTYPES := C-LOGTYPE-FILE + C-LOGTYPE-WRITE L4N-LINENR := *LINE; L4N-DEBUGLEVEL := C-LOGLEVEL-DEBUG INCLUDE L4NENTER ... * the actual logging COMPRESS 'Current value:' #VALUE INTO L4N-LOGTEXT L4N-LINENR := *LINE; L4N-LOGLEVEL := C-LOGLEVEL-INFO INCLUDE L4NLOGIT

L4N is licensed under LGPL v3, so feel free to use it in your (commercial) applications or even help us further develop the framework.

Über Stefan

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