Is Punk Rock already mainstream?

Today during my morning break I read the following headline from

Rise Against hits German charts
(Rise Against hits the top of the German album charts)

So it seems as if “good music” finally made it into the German charts ­čśë What I don’t know is whether to be happy about it or not. “Endgame” surely is a great album (with catchy songs like Disparity By Design or Satellite), but not as “punk rocky” as the older ones (e.g. my favourite: Revolutions per Minute). You can definitely hear the difference (e.g. slower rhythms, “easier” song structures). I heard through the complete album almost ten times up until now and most of the songs in the second half of the album needed quite a few times of hearing to get into my head (they seem to have put the killer songs on the first half), but I still like most of them (Broken Mirrors and This is letting go are the two exceptions).

Go and visit their Myspace page and listen to some of the new songs and then (of course) go and BUY the album:

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